Engaging, interactive learning—right in your students’ hands!

What if your students’ mobile devices became your teaching allies, rather than your competition?  Discover how free, scannable technology can enrich learning, while captivating students. Best of all, these technologies are easy and fast to implement within your classroom.

Monica Burns, an Apple Distinguished Educator and education technology evangelist, offers user-friendly strategies and tips in this quick-read guide. Get ready to

  • Learn about QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Reach each student with new, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Know the ACES Framework for teaching with scannable technologies: Access, Curate, Engage, and Share
  • Promote self-directed learning and showcase your students’ creations
  • Use technology to connect your classroom activities with students’ families and the broader community

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a leader in digital learning!

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